About Us

Statement of Purpose

  • We are a grassroots movement creating a culture of purpose and meaning deeper than the mere pursuit of money and power.
  • We are working to reshape our economic, political, and social life in accord with a new bottom line of love, compassion, community, fairness, peace, and awe and wonder at the universe.
  • We invite everyone who believes in the power of love and generosity to join us in this process of healing and transformation.

Operating Principles

We aim to build a local organization that will exemplify the way a new bottom line of love, compassion, community, fairness and peace can shape a healthy community and political process.

We intend to structure our activities by:

  • Holding regular meetings that will include mutual support, along with study and learning to be effective spiritual activists.
  • Engaging in specific activities to apply progressive spiritual principles to needs in our community and nation.
  • Providing information and support for others who want to ground their work in spiritual principles.
  • Exploring ways to live out this new bottom line in our families, work places, communities, and political lives.

We intend to shape all of these activities by practicing these basic attitudes:

  • Mutual respect, by trusting one another and listening in ways that enable people to explore their own beliefs and possibilities.
  • Truthfulness, by speaking honestly of our thoughts and feelings, and by creating a safe space in which all can speak their truth and not be judged.
  • Accountability, as we make commitments to one another and to our projects, and support one another in keeping those commitments.
  • Non-attachment, by letting go of the ego’s need to have its way and making space for Spirit's wisdom and guidance.
NSP was founded in 2005 by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Sister Joan Chittister and Cornel West. Lerner is editor of Tikkun magazine and author of The Left Hand of God, Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right.

For more information on the Network of Spiritual Progressives, go to www.spiritualprogressives.org